Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 24

Look closely at the bikes in this photo.

I took this on my first trip to Paris, in August of 2005. For some unfathomable reason, I saw this several times while I was there -- bikes with hopelessly bent wheels chained to subway gates or some other structure.

Were they injured after they were locked to the gates? Are they waiting there for someone to pick them up & fix them, or perhaps scavenge them for parts? (They seem perfectly good other than the bent wheels, and the wheels can be replaced.) Are they abandoned? Are they art? I never figured it out.


lynn said...

lol how weird. Adore those red shoes!

Travle Blog said...

i love Paris !!!!!

nycrun said...

i wish I was there

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Yea, it is a pity but many bikes get vandalised in paris :(

Virginia said...

What is up with those bikes? I wondered the same thing!

coolrider said...

i saw that last week to on my vacations in Paris. Weird! All over the place.