Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7

It has been gray and cold and drizzly and miserable here for what seems like days. Probably it's not very long, but I am a sunshine girl -- I do not like the cold weather (I've been in misery thanks to my Raynaud's) and a couple of days without sunshine is enough to make me extremely blue. And blue I am. I feel like this:

Except without the wings, of course.

This angel was in Saint Sulpice. (It's a dreadful picture and I apologize for that, but I took all these photos with a little Canon A60 point & shoot that I bought prior to my first trip to Paris in August of 2005. I've accumulated some skill at getting it to do what I want it to, there are manual settings I can futz with, but I'm no photographer and mostly I just let the camera do its best.) This is from my February 2006 trip, when it was bitter cold and gray just about the whole time I was there.

This is the plaza otside Saint Sulpice, which is a pretty intriguing old church. (Someone tried to tell me once about all the mysterious connections it's supposed to have, apparently it figures in that DaVinci Code nonsense but I really couldn't care less. It's just a beautiful old church.)

Funny how I could spend a week in the cold Paris gray and feel pleasantly melancholic but still very happy, but three days of cold Austin gray and I want to crawl into my bed and never come out again. Context is everything...


Peter said...

The church is nice I think, as well as the area around it ... and the place and its fountain, but you are right, the Da Vinci story about it is nonsense!

Laurent said...

Thanks for loving Paris and Happy New Year to you !