Friday, January 1, 2010

Bonne Année!

The best way I can think to start off a new year is with pictures of Paris -- since I can't actually be there to enjoy it in person.

These are from November 2007, which was my last trip. I cannot believe it has now been more than two years since I was in Paris -- the very thought of that makes me heart hurt a little. Considering my first trip was August of 2005 and between then and the November of 2007 I managed to squeeze in four, to have now gone for more than two years is heart-rending. But circumstances, as they say, intervene. Things are looking good now for May, and thinking about it lifts my spirits considerably.

It was cooooooooold this trip. It may have been colder than when I was here in February of that year. Love that long winter light -- even in the dead of winter in Austin (such as it is), the light never gets that steep. We're just too far south.

I don't ride ferris wheels, but I sure like looking at them.

(One of these days I'll figure out how to make the photos post larger. Until then, click on them for a better view.)

Especially in the cold winter dusk.

It will be warm when I'm in Paris next, and I'm glad of that because I'm not naturally a cold weather person (which is a grand understatement). But there is a wonderful chilly melancholy about Paris in the winter that I really do love.

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Peter said...

... and right now it's on the freezing point. May should be fine! Hope to meet you!

I wish you a Happy 2010, including the Paris trip!