Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1

It's May Day. I've given myself a good spritz of Diorissimo to celebrate, but it is a very gray day here in Austin. Gray days here seem like a mistake, whereas a gray day in Paris always just seems sort of atmospheric and moody. I've been there in cold weather a couple of times now, and while I certainly prefer not to be shivering and having Raynaud's episodes, there is something about that steely gray winter light that does really move me. Maybe because we just don't have it here, we're too far south.

The photo above was taken in early evening last November, just after I'd left the Orangerie on a Sunday afternoon. It was my next-to-last day and I was feeling melancholy about it, so I was very in sync. I loved the glow of the lights on the Crillon -- someday I'll stay there. Maybe. It might be less fun to stay somewhere so very tourist-oriented than to scoot around in the back streets of my favorite neighborhoods and feel like I'm getting away with something and slowly becoming Parisian.

At any rate, it was very, very, very cold that day. Am hoping October will not be quite so bone-chilling.

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