Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2

Thinking a lot about the weather for the next trip. I was in Paris in October of 2006, and it was absolutely gorgeous -- as I recall I was comfy in a cardigan or light jacket most of the time. I'm hopeful it will be the same this year. I was stunned by how cold it was last November, especially since I'd been there in October the year before and it had been so mild. That's when I took this:

which was one of the more delightful finds in all my Paris trips. This is the patio of the museum café of the Musée d'Art Moderne, which is located in the Palais de Tokyo in the 16th. This is an absolutely wonderful small museum of 20th Century art (all my favorite stuff) that is small enough to explore very thoroughly in an afternoon but large enough to give a real "museum" experience. After I wandered through there I decided to have a little late lunch and headed for the cafe. I purchased my glass of wine and my quiche lorraine (and probably a pastry) and headed outside, where that gorgeous view surprised me. It was pretty blissful. Tucked away and quiet, I really felt like I'd found one of Paris' little secret hideaways. From there I wandered on to the Trocadero and across the Pont d'Alma to the Tour. It was a lovely afternoon.

Thanks to dear Tracey, I've been exploring my options for rental apartments on Lodgis, and am pleased to report that it looks as though I can get something just perfect for a reasonable price, provided I get my ducks in a row early enough. There seem to be some really good places available in Montorgueil, which would make me very happy. I've come to really love that neighborhood, where my friend Dominique lives.

This is the nighttime view from Dom's front window. She lives on rue Marie Stuart, and the cross street (going left to right) is rue Montorgueil. It's a wonderful neighborhood, pedestrian only, filled with great shops and grocery stores and since I've stayed there so much it feels like coming home every time I visit. It may have actually supplanted St. Germain as my favorite quartier, if for no other reason than there are hardly any tourists there. (On the other hand, I could still be talked into an apartment on the rue de Seine, which I also saw in my web explorations.)

Yesterday I found an IRS website that allows you to calculate the amount of the refund you'll be receiving due to the stimulus package. Turns out it's going to be enough to get my lodging mostly paid for, which makes me very happy. (Now I just need to not spend it on anything else!) There is something deeply satisfying to me about knowing that the money that Our Clueless Leader and his Squad of Flunkies are sending me in order to "stimulate the economy" is actually going to stimulate the economy in Paris. Hah. Take that, W.

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La Belette Rouge said...

I didn't know about the Musee d'Art moderne. Thanks for the tip.
And, I am so happy you found such great apartments. Congrats on getting the U.S. government to sponsor your upcoming trip.